The Truth About “My” Body: A New Perspective on Physical Fitness

“It’s MY body!”

You’ve probably said this, or at least thought it, at some point in your life. But Pastor Rick Warren says of our bodies in The Daniel Plan, “What we think we own is really on loan.” Have you ever thought of your body as “on loan” from God? Not really belonging to you at all?

We are surrounded by messages about our bodies, like, “It’s your body, treat it however you want. Whatever makes you happy.” But is this the view a man or woman of God should have?

I once read that a great evangelist said of his body on his deathbed, “God gave me a message and a horse to carry that message. I have beaten the horse to death, and now I can no longer carry that message.”
The “horse” is your body. But what’s your message? God has a unique call on every believers’ life. If you are sick or die, or simply don’t have the energy to fulfill your calling, you are robbing the kingdom of God of your impact.
I recognize that we live in a fallen world, and sickness and death are inevitable. But too many of us are getting sick, and even dying, solely because we are neglecting to care for our bodies.

“Christians who don’t take their health seriously, don’t take their mission seriously” – Gary Thomas

Think about how neglecting your body impacts:
  • You
  • The people God calls you to minister to
  • Your children
  • Your grandchildren
  • Your great-grandchildren (Yes, we should be living long enough to be a blessing even to our great-grandchildren!)
I need to be seriously considering these people when I choose to eat processed food, live a stressed out hectic life, and get less sleep than I need. Not only does “beating my horse to death” reduce or eliminate my ability to walk out my calling, it also gives that example to my family and those I minister to.

Is that how you want your loved ones to live?

If not, you shouldn’t be living that way either!

Some ideas to get started transforming the way you treat your body:



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